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MANI Diamond Burs Drill FG 1.6mm 5pcs/pk Dental High Speed Handpiece 154 Types Optional

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    BC-31 BC-42 BC-43 BC-S42 BC-S43 BE-48F BR-30C BR-30 BR-31C BR-31 BR-40EF BR-40 BR-41 BR-45 BR-46 BR-49 BR-S45 BR-S46 CD-50F CD-51F CD-52F CD-53F CD-54F CD-55F CD-56F CD-57F CD-58F CD-59F CR-11EF CR-11F CR-12EF CR-12F CR-21F CR-22F DI-41 DI-42 DI-S41 DI-SS41 EX-11 EX-12 EX-18F EX-20 EX-21EF EX-21F EX-21 EX-24 EX-26 EX-31 EX-41 FO-11 FO-20EF FO-21EF FO-21F FO-21 FO-22EF FO-22F FO-22 FO-25 FO-27 FO-30F FO-32C FO-32 FO-40EF FO-41EF FO-42EF FO-54C FO-S21 RS-11 RS-21 RS-31 SF-11 SF-12C SF-12 SF-13 SF-21 SF-31 SF-41 SI-45 SI-46 SI-47C SI-47 SI-48 SI-49 SI-S46 SI-S48 SO-20 SO-21 SO-S20 SR-11 SR-12 SR-13 TB-11 TC-09 TC-10 TC-11C TC-11EF TC-11F TC-11 TC-21EF TC-21F TC-21 TC-26 TC-S21 TF-11 TF-12EF TF-12F TF-12 TF-13C TF-13 TF-14 TF-20 TF-21EF TF-21F TF-21 TF-22 TF-23 TF-31 TF-41 TF-42 TF-43 TF-S20 TF-S21 TF-S22 TF-S23 TF-S31 TF-S41 TF-SS31 TR-11EF TR-11F TR-11 TR-12 TR-13C TR-13EF TR-13F TR-13 TR-14 TR-15 TR-19 TR-20 TR-21EF TR-21F TR-21 TR-24 TR-25EF TR-25F TR-25 TR-26EF TR-26F TR-26 TR-62C TR-S13 TR-S21 TR-SS21 WR-13C WR-13 BR-29
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Brand: MANI
2.99$/pk , mini order 5 pks !

1, Hard, wear-resistant
2, Cannot afford sand
3, The same type of bur color speciation of the unified
4, Model is complete
5, 5 per edition
6, Aluminum foils packing, easy to use and health
7, Use multi-layer imported diamond plating process

TF means Taper Flat End          TR means Taper Round End

TC means Taper Conical End      FO means Flame Ogival End 

SF means Straight Flat End       SO means straight Ogival End 

EX means SPecial shape          BR means ball Round.

BC means Ball collar Type         DI means Double Inverted Cone.

SI means Single inverted Cone   WR means wheel Round Edge

CR means inlay preparation     CD means Childern's dentistry. 

S means short shank             SS means super short shank
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