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Dental Wireless Curing Light 1 Sec Cure Lamp Woodpecker I LED Style 2800mw

P1:9W, ≥2300mw/cm² P2:5W, ≥1200mw/cm²
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  • Description


This product is used in fast solidification by lighting dental resin. It is a new generation of standard developed LED curing light, with humanity intelligent chip, the world advanced high intensity LED light and Li-on rechargeable battery. It can cure all the dental resin in the market nowadays,


Main Body: 1Pc             Light Source:: 1Pc
Charge Base: 1Pc          Adapter: 1Pc

USB cable: 1Pc               Light Protect: 1Pc
Lens: 5pcs
                     Test block:2pcs

3.1 Main Unit


Battery Voltage DC3.7V
Battery Capacity 1500mAh
Wave Length 385~515nm
Light Density P1(9W) ≥ 2300mmw/cm²
Charging time 3 hours approx
Weight 550g
Packing size L205 x W109 x H77mm


3.2AC Adapter

Rated input voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC 5V/MICRO USB
Output current 1A


3.3 Operation Conditions

Environment temperature +5 ℃ ~+40 ℃
Relative humidity 10%~80%RH
Atmospheric pressure 50~106KPa

4.Use Method
4.1 Charge

Put the curing light into the charger base, the blue light is shining one by one. When it is done, all of the blue lights are on.It takes about 3hours. Take care not to charge more than 7hours. Remove the adapter from the power supply after charging.

Note: Can charge with the main unit socket also. When charging, theLED screen show CH; when done, the LED show FU

4.2 Operation Instruction

4.2.1Press M orTbutton to power on.Ifpress ON/OFF button, will light the Light source.
4.2.2 Set up Mode:



4.2.3 Setup Time:P1--1/3/5s


4.2.4Press ON/OFF button to light on the LED curing light. Ifsome wrong happened, the LED screen shows Er.

4.2.5 The main unit will power off by itselfif without any operation about 2minuts.

Caution: the curing light can not be pointed at the patient's eyes while it is operating. If any accidents happen, go to the hospital immediately


5.1 This machine is precise opticalequipment,it should use in the clean and dry place.

5.2 Remove adapter from the power supply after charge. 5.3 Do not touch the battery electrodes by any metal objects.

6.Cleaning & Sterilization

6.1 Clean

Wipe the main unit with neutral detergent if needed.

6.2 Sterilization

6.2.1 The light source can be high pressure autoclaved. Autoclave it after each use with seal bag.
6.2.2Don't autoclave any parts(the main unit and charging base)other than those that can be subjected to autoclave sterilization.

6.2.3 Autoclave up to a max.135℃. It's recommended to autoclave for 20min at 121℃ or 15 min at 132℃.

Notice: Don't use any solvent such as benzine and thinner for sterilization.

7.Transportation And Storage

1)Lay lightly during transportation, avoid strong shake 2) Storage condition:

a. Ambiance temperature:-10~~40℃b.Relative humidity:≤85%

8.Disposing product

Please consult with dealer from whom you purchased it about waster despoil.


Manufacturer warrants its products to the original purchaser against defects in material and workmanship under normal practices of installation, use and servicing. This unit is guaranteed for its designated use against original defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from date of purchasing.








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